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Maradona: Rooney can inspire England

1986 Maradona kiss the cup Rooney in WC 2006 Qualifity

Maradona: Rooney can inspire England


Without doubt,
I like both England and Argentine team very much!
and Maradona is the God of Argentine even be hero as a football player,
of course,
I like him very much for his outstanding skills and the qualities of the “God”..
Rooney, a new stars of England,who is grumpy ,has a genius at playing football.

As Maradona said,he will inspire England to victory.
A news related with Maradona and this man is good news for me and other England Team Fans yesterday ..

The news showed below:

Argentine legend Diego Maradona believes Wayne Rooney can inspire England to glory at the World Cup.

Manchester United striker Rooney has been compared to 44-year-old Maradona who won the 1986 World Cup, beating England on the way with his infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal.

And Maradona insists that Rooney’s fiery attitude could lead Sven-Goran Eriksson’s side all the way in Germany.

“His temperament is a positive, not a negative. It will make him fight on the field and conquer adversity,” Maradona told The Sun on Friday.

“You can’t be a saint and still be successful in football. It’s a tough, physical game and nobody gives you anything for free.”

Of England’s chances, he added: “For me, they have the best chance of all the European teams at next summer’s World Cup finals in Germany.”

And Maradona believes England has room for two midfielders such as Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard in the same team.

“I don’t see having two very talented central midfielders as a problem for England,” Maradona added.

“Lampard and Gerrard are both exceptional, hard-working players who can take on different roles asked of them.

“It’s down to the manager to tell them what he wants them to do. Good players can play anywhere.”



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