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The DaVinci Code Will Be Decoded..

the DaVinci Code
The DaVinci Code, originally uploaded by Chris. Jack.

The DaVinci Code
A new movie was invested by Sony Pictures,
the suspense movie which based on the best seller will show on May 19th,2006 ..
(the book which was written by Dan.Brown,the author of numerous #1 bestsellers, including Digital Fortress, Angels & Demons, and Deception Point.
His acclaimed novel—The Da Vinci Code—has become one of the most widely read books of all time.)
Avoid prolixity, I wouldn’t say a word anymore about the moive’s gut.
for more detail about it ,you can type the word such as “DaVinci Code” in google homepage.

I except to see the moive greatly,although it will be showed next year..
Why do I except it greatly?
not for the reason neither the “Sony” nor “Tom Hanks”,
and not for the suspense novel tooo..

There is only a reason for it ,
it is for one man—Leonardo Da Vinci, who was an excellent artist.
Da Vinci is the one of my most favor people..
“someone energetic,versatile,undviatine” are the people who have the all is admired by me.
without doubt,
Da Vinci has all these excellences !
he is really energetic and versatile man.
of course,
his mustache is also bardian and coool : )

When this Dan.Brown’s new book was hot-selling in occident,
lots of Medias in China mightily recommended this book,too..
I stared at it as soon as I hear the name of this book.
“DaVinci” is the absolute reason for I am so interested in this book ..
there isn’t a little relation between this book(moive) and DaVinci .

so wordy it is!
in any case,this novel and moive are very cooool and magnetic.
and they are full of suspense too..
so this moive is worth to be seen,
even much more Tom Hanks acts the leading role!

Ask for more details about 《the DaVince Code》,click these link below,please:
!. 达·芬奇密? 中文站 ->Official web site *Chinese*
!!. Apple – Trailers – The Da Vinci Code->Apple网站的《达芬奇密?》预告片
!!!.The Official Web Site of Bestselling Author Dan Brown ->作者的官方网站


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