Jack and Vulture hotel

a WordPress invite ..O!O..

smile and teary faceIt’s lucky that I have got a WordPress blog Invite today.
To tell the truth,it’s my pleasure to receive a invite from Wor!dpress:)
Is today really my lucky day ?
I don’t know.
Actually I were listless lately.
For some reasons, I were quite at sea in regard to the difficulty which I would encounter in the future.
Sometimes at midnight , I asked myself the question about that what I want to do and(or) what I want to gape after frequently.
what do I want to do after I graduate ?
and What do I want to gape after in hell ?
I am sorry to say that I don’t know now.

And another “lucky” thing is that my instep was hurt by another lucky guy in a fierce contention in playing footballlll : (

Ok.without doubt,
it’s my pleasure to give the invite to the lucky one.. : )
Because I am honoured by your visit !
So,you can comment your e-mail here ,and I would give the invite to you.
I have only one invite to be offered .
but I can get the more invites from my friends .
so don’t worry about that you couldn’t get one invite : ) happiness


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