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hey,Real,The Movie!

real,the movie Do you like football?
and have you seen the movie “Real,The Movie”?
below I will talk about football and the club with you : )

Okkk,first of all,you might be interested in reading the brief introduction about this movie:
《Real, The Movie》
from wikipedia
Real, The Movie is a movie about the Spanish soccer club Real Madrid produced by the same club and directed by film director Borja Manso. The movie was launched for the first time in the club’s stadium Santiago Bernabeu in August 25, 2005.

The movie represents a new trend in cinema as well as in sport worlds.

The story
The movie mixes fiction and reality together to represent the history of the club and its fans around the world.
The movie is starring David Beckham, Zinédine Zidane, Ronaldo and many other present and former figures of the spanish club.

I saw this movie《Real,The Movie》at home yesterday.
I am always a fan to the Real Madrid club for someone likes Beckham,Owen,Zidane..
yes. I like them very much : )
It’s a pity that Owen has left for Newcastle Club..and also Figo do so : (
I like playing football toooo, and I have been playing a long time since I study in my university..

Ok,let’s talk about this movie.
I think that the movie is a good football documentary ,because of its gut and spirit what it showed.
football is an enjoyment to the player and all their fans.
People who love this game get a lot of enjoyment from football match , of course so do I 😀
Without doubt, Real Madrid Club is the one of the greatest Club in the world.

this movie described the history and status quo of Real Madrid.it has the brilliant history and would encounter the difficulty for the nonce and the future ..

On the other hand,it’s important that I was attracted by the Real Madrid fans .
especially the “Grandmother” who showed in this movie as an old fans to Real Madrid club.

I was inspired by her words.Below is the inspiring words(the “Grandmother and the History Teacher spoke in a dialogue. the latter who was Martin’s teacher never did like football and Real Madrid club 10 months ago. and Martin was the Grandmother’s grandson) :
History teacher:”… no,by talking about football. you don’t like it, do you ?”

Grandmother:”Football? I love it.My husband and I… well, we… The whole family have always been Real Madrid fans.”

History teacher:”Yes,of course,but why? why do you leave every time Real Madrid plays?”

the grandmother began to become sad and continued saying after a pause:

Well,Martin and I used to go to all the matches.League matched,Cup matches.It was like going to a party.We used to go alone,together.We’d forget about work,forget all our troubles.
(a happy smile.)
And we felt so happy sharing a passion for the same thing. Martin was always taking my kitchen towels to dust off our seats at the stadium.
(another happy smile : ).)
He was always very finicky about that.He’s dust off at every match.
(but a sad smile)
That is.. except at one.. He(I think “he” is her husband) didn’t feel well,you see,but he insisted that I went, I didn’t feel like going on my own,but he wanted me to tell him about the match afetrwards down to the last detail.So in the end,he persuaded me and I went.
(she became more sad.)
And what a match it was! I ran back home to tell him about it,how we’d won and….
(with a long pause,)
But I wasn’t able to.When I got home,I found him dead.He’d died alone.And me at the match.

with a sad sigh,she seemed to cry,but she didn’t do it.after a pause, she turned about and left the history teacher alone without saying a word.

Yes.I am agree with that football matches make us “to forget about work,to forget all our troubles”!
“And we feel so happy sharing a passion for the same thing”!
I am enjoying my time from watching and playing football matches,and I believe that everyone who likes football would do it so : )
Sometimes, I dreamed that I was watching the match of Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu .and I saw Beckham,Zidane,…

As “Grandmother” stood in front of her husband’s tomb and said at the end of this movie ,
“the Bernabeu Staduim became more bigger and newer. …
The boys are different,Martin,but they’re just as young and they don’t play much differently from our times.But they are taller and faster, and they come from over the world.
Also,in our seats I saw a couple,not much younger than..than us.
Anyway. what I really wanted to tell you was how your grandsom’s eyes shone when he saw the same field as you used to see.
It’s funny.. I haven’t been to a match for so long and when I do go back, it’s with someone else called Martin.I still can’t believe I’ve been back to the Bernabeu without you. ”

The words inspired me deeply again!
I wish that the Real will become much more stronger and won much more matches in the future!

Have you seen this movie?
And were you inspired by this movie?


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