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Beijing 2008: Five Mascots For The Beijing Games

all satrs Originally uploaded by Black Rooger Flint.
A excited news from Beijing ,the capital of China ,Yesterday(11 November 2005)
The Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX(29th) Olympiad – Beijing 2008 (BOCOG) has launched the five official mascots for the Beijing Games at a gala show, in the Chinese capital,

held to mark the 1,000-day countdown to the Opening Ceremony of the Games. The five mascots are officially called the Five Friendlies. They are Beibei, the fish; Jingjing, the panda; Huanhuan, the Olympic flame; Yingying, the Tibetan antelope; and Nini, the swallow. The first syllables from their two-syllable names form a line that reads “Beijing Huanying Ni?, or in English – “Welcome to Beijing?. The mascot’s colours were chosen in line with the colours of the Olympic rings.



from left to right,and from the top down,the set of mascots were named in turn:

In fact,it is unexpected to me for the five unveiled mascots.
Are they cute and friendly?
and interest for more :
The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Enjoy Your time looo : )


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