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Yes! Owen inspired England:D

England 11 person
all satrs
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On 13th,Nov. 2005(GMT+8:00,Beijing),
England Football Team met Argentina Team which is always hostile to England in every match.
this match is the first international friendly match after WC qualifying to England.
and the final scoer is England 3:2 Argentina !

Without boubt,
I am a ture-blue fan to England.
so it’s my real pleasure to enjoy the victory of England.
it’s excited news for me when I saw England beat Argentina in this match and also stirringly seeeing Owen scored 2 goals in the last four minutes as England rallied to a 3-2 victory at the Stade de Geneve.

“The longer my career has gone,the more I seem to score,”said Owen,who has 35 goals in England colours since he made an instant inpact at age 18.
“It’s experience and age and knowing where the ball’s going to be.”
Heaven and Hell

Rooney was another hero did play as the super star in the match which won over Argentina. I believe that he will become stronger and more outstanding! He play so excellent at age 20 that we have to believe that he is another “Owen” and even better.

Below is Wayne Rooney celebrated his goal during the International friendly match against Argentina at the Stade de Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland, Saturday November 13, 2005(GMT+8:00,Beijing). Rooney

Ok,don’t say a word this moment,
let’s give a wish to England for becoming stronger and sharper.
God favors England!


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