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Natter about Harry Potter IV


I hadn’t go to class yesterday afternoon,I go to see a movie with my classmates:)
—We do it frequently πŸ˜€
Hehe,actually we are not rich enough to pay the tickets frequently,but it’s lucky that we have a classmate who gets lots of VIP cards of the Cinema we shall go to πŸ˜€
The guy who gets the VIP card is a funny,handsome boy and he called a pig by himself as me πŸ˜€
Ok,let’s talk about the movie what I saw!
This week the cinema show the movie named γ€ŠHarry Potter and Goblet of Fire》.
Obviously, many people look forward to the movie γ€ŠHarry Potter IV》.Espically the Children!
The feeling what I got after the movie finished was that it’s really a big and gooood dinner of vision!
I think that “Harry Potter 4” became mellower and it had more advencements.
—It is similar to Daniel who was the leading actor of the “Harry Potter” Series. Daniel has been a leading actor as “Harry Potter” since age 11.
And he becomes a taller and mellower man from a little boy when he acted in γ€ŠHarry Potter IV》.
The vision effect of this movie is very very goooood!
For example,
When I saw the World Cup Playing Field and its match scene of the movie’s beginning,I let myself go crooning:”WooooW!”
Yes,It’s really so spectacularity and grandiose! I think it must use the word “Best” to describate that..
and another excited scene was about that Herry fought with the Dragon named fierce black Hungarian Horntail.
the Horntail looked like a real dragon even,it’s actions, sabre rattling and the attacks to Harry on the housetop seemed so real and bloodcurdling !
—But we don’t worry about Harry, because he would be fine and beat the Dragon finally πŸ™‚
Of course, the other scenes also were very nice ! It’s an enjoyment to me!

Katie LeungAt the same time,
It’s surprise to me there was a girl who is a foreign citizen of Chinese origin on “Harry Potter 4”, oho,my God!
What pretty she is! She acted a girl named Cho Chang in the movie.
her true name is Katie Leung,and the comment I got from some sites about her show below:
She’s one of the most important additions to the cast of the Goblet of Fire. The object of Harry’s affections, Ravenclaw’s Cho Chang was the object of a mammoth casting search, with thousands of girls competing for the part. But the winner was newcomer Katie Leung, an unassuming Scot who had never acted before. We talked to the lady herself about Mike Newell being distracting, Daniel Radcliffe being down-to-Earth, and why acting is good for your schoolwork…(from empireonline )

Cho Chang

No multiply words on here,ask for more about her and Cho Chang on Harry Potter 4,you could click these link :
Katie Leung/Cho Chang, and(or)Lucky Rabbit (her personal graphic site)..
Enjoy your time looo πŸ˜€
BTW I thought that the gut of this movie was not better than its vision scene..perhaps it just offers to the Children 😦
Ok,how about you after saw this movie?
and do you agree with me πŸ˜›


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