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Do you “Minority Report”?

the poster of minority report.


Yesterday I have seen the movie which I want to see but no time to do it yet all the times.
The movie named Minority Report–an old movie in 2002.
It was directed by Steven Spielberg,a famous director of Hollywood,
and Tom Cruis was a leading actor in this movie.
BTW,Tom is the one of my favorite movie star. Yo Yo!
Originally I would crowd around the computer which locates in front of a small bed,
and its monitor is blurry seems making someone consides himself whether he is myopic with my classmates for seeing the 《Minority Report》,
but I have no time to do it for some reasons that day.
–Actually I enjoy the feeling to crowd with my classmates,although it’s congested and sometimes there were some odoriferous socks in the bed 😦
So, I saw the movie alone.

Ok, let’s talk about 《Minotity Report》.
At first, the synopsis of this movie be shown below to you:

“What would you do if you were accused of a murder, you had not committed … yet?”
“Minority Report” is set in Washington, D.C., in the year 2054.
Astonishingly, there hasn’t been a single murder in the city during the previous six years because of the police department’s innovative program called Pre-Crime.
The program is overseen by its founder, Lamar Burgess (Max von Sydow).
The Pre-Crime program is based on the premonitions of three very special people called Pre-Cognitives, who have psychic visions of each impending murder. Sophisticated electronic equipment is used to display the Pre-Cogs’ visions to the police, who spare no effort in trying to locate and arrest the would-be murderer before the murder is committed. The cops who work in the Pre-Crime unit are highly skilled and dedicated, and they are led by John Anderton (Tom Cruise)….

I was gripped by the synopsis of this movie at once when one of my classmates describated it to me!
I haven’t seen the movie before but I was gripped by it!
I think that the gut was very perfect!
And so I took more aspiration on seeing this movie.–Yesterday I do see it 😀

《Minority Report》was Steven Spielberg’s good production in 2002,
And as far as know,there were lots of the inconsistent appraisements to it.
By and large, the praises were more than the blames 😀
This movie is very gooood for me,
Huang,who is one of my classmates, and I were in royal spirits after we finished this movie,
and we talked about this movie each other
–“How the gut was one trouble follows another!
How the pictures were blood-and-thunder !..”
We said well-disposed 😀
He said that the movie was the best movie which he has ever seen in this year.
And the different to me because of 《Mindhunters》
which was a new movie to be shown on May 13, 2005.
–《Mindhunters》was another perfect movie for its gut liked 《Minority Report》…


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