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an excited World Cup without China

Toilsomely I did watch the Draw for World Cup 2006 final which took place at the Messe in Leipzig,Germany.
The draw began at 20:15(local time)( at 03:15 Beijing time). Do you konw what the “03:15” means ?
It’s Midnight! Everyone fell asleep deeply and what was I doing at that time ?
— I was watching the Draw Ceremony with my computer at that time! What a foolish and crazy guy!
It’s lucky that I got the right time to see the final draw for the stage of 32 teams 🙂
Although I hasn’t seen the excited acts before it.
Now bring on the finals:
The Germany 2006 Final Draw has provided some tantalising prospects. Holders Brazil will face Zico’s Japan, Argentina will meet the Netherlands, England must again tackle Sweden, and Italy and the Czechs await the US..
and the draw result of Group Stage shows below:
Group A :
Germany Costa Rica Poland Ecuador
Group B :
England Paraguay
Trinidad and Tobago Sweden
Group C :
Argentina Côte d’Ivoire
Serbia and Montenegro Netherlands
Group D :
Mexico Iran Angola Portugal
Group E :
Italy Ghana
United States Czech Republic
Group F :
Brazil Croatia Australia Japan
Group G :
France Switzerland Korea Republic Togo
Group H :
Spain Ukraine Tunisia Saudi Arabia

Without doubt,I am foud of England very much.
in this World Cup, England team will face old antagonist Sweden which is Eriksson’s homeland,
“The draw was kind to England although if recent statistics are anything to go by, Eriksson’s team will face a hard task of overpowering the Swedes, who stormed to the summit of Group 8 in the qualifying rounds.” said fifaworldcup.com,
and I think so ..
“And yet the 57-year-old appeared relieved at the outcome of the Final draw, saying afterwards, ‘It is not an easy group but it could have been much worse, a lot worse’.”
However, I always think that the Group of World Cup 2006 doesn’t exsit real death group although both Argentina and Metherlands are in Group C,and England will face Sweden..
I think that the 8 seed teams will go into the second-round succefully .
Espically Japan will appear in the second round and will get more promotion even!

Ok, let’s give all 32 teams lots of goooood wishes espically England : D
but China my national team will not take these wishes into World Cup 2006 😦
When will the flag of China appear on stage during World Cup Draw?


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