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What is the Doodle?

From Dec. 21 to Dec. 23 these days Google homepage shows the funny images as above.
and they said that happy holiday.. their link is http://www.google.com/doodle10.html ..
What is the Doodle?
As a Chinese, I really don’t know what these images mean?
Acctually, maybe it’s coincident that Dec. 22, 2005 is the Midwinter’s day in China..
Midwiter is the middle of the winter,
the mean is the period of the winter solstice,about December 22..
There is a festival on this day in China.
During Midwinter’s day, we usually eat the food that is coverd with  flour.
Especially that people in South of China eats the food named “Tangyuan”,
which is a flour pellet that is full of sweetener inside..
and the “Tangyuan” are shown below:


On the other hand,
people in North eats the food named “boiled dumpling” ..
I thnk that boiled dumpling as a Chinese food is not strange to other country’s people 😀
Pls look at it :

boiled dumpling-00

boiled dumpling-01

They are very traditional and delicious Chinese foood !
And would you like to try to taste them ?



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