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ACDSee Pro Photo Manager has arrived ⌒_⌒

ACDSee pro

.Yesterday I received an e-mail from ACDSee .
the mail’s tltle said that ACDSee Pro Photo Manager has arrived.
and It also said :”

The cream of thecrop rise to the top.You’re one of a select group who signed up on www.acdseepro.com. And now the wait is over.ACDSee Pro Photo Manager has arrived, just for you.The reward? For a limited time get ACDSee Pro at a very special price.”ACDSee is deeply integrated with my daily photography workflow. It’s flat out the easiest to use, fastest, and most natural application for the work I do.”– Serge Timacheff, Professional Photographer

So you can buy ACDSee Pro now!
For I am a ACDSee fan, the news is excited to me !
I always use the ACDSee photo manager as my first photos’ viewing, managing and editing software…
To the Photoshop cs and its following, ACDSee is a smaller,easier,faster and more efficient for me 😀
I use it viewing and managing my digital photos and others.. And I can use it to make some simple editing processings such as resizing,red-eyed,and croping…

So,I will always make ACDSee be my default photo browser 😀


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