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Why can’t I enjoy my life as them ?

The second Monday of January is Coming-of-Age Day (or named “Adult’s Day”) in Japan, a national holiday to encourage those who have newly entered adulthood to become self-reliant members of society. The holiday used to be on January 15, but in 2000 it was moved to the second Monday of the month.(from Chinadaily.com )

Celebration of the coming of age for boys and girls turning 20 that year. The coming of age symbolizes mainly the obtention of the right to buy cigarettes and alcohol legally. Ceremonies held at temples and shrines and girls wear special kimono for the occasion. (from jref.com)

2 girls bowing

a smiling girlThese days, males generally wear suits to their coming-of-age ceremony, but a lot of females choose to wear traditional furisode(振袖,状似和?的长袖)–a special type of kimono(和?)for unmarried women with extra-long sleeves and elaborate designs.
lots of 20-years-old Japanese young people celebrated them become an adult with multifarious ways..
What did I do when I was 20-years-old?
–I do nothing!
There are not any ceremonies for us who is 20 or over be hosted by our Municipal governments on that day..
Personally speaking, I have to say that it’s a pity for us ..
why a pity?watering men
I think that it’s a pity to the succession of our country traditional cultures ..
In modern today, most of us are busy making more money and catching up with fashions ..
and entirely neglect or abandon with the traditional cultures..
It is disilusionary,isn’t it?

seijin in tokyo

Actually I was very admiring when I saw them enjoying their own Days and Ceremonies..
Why can’t I enjoy my life as them ?


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  1. yeah ur true y we are not able to enjoy is we have festivals for everything but we lack &neglect the festivities falling prey to making money

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Fai says:

    wonderful pictures… did you take them yourself? I wish I was there when I was twenty :O

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 11 months ago

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