Jack and Vulture hotel

hi,my new ‘home’ here :)

hellooo, everyone who visits my this blog 🙂

it’s honoured by your visit.
but i am sorry for that i have not updated my this wordpress blog for a long time.yeah, it is really a long time.
in fact, i am not a sluggard. it’s not my fault and the real reason is our government(China) baned the IPs of *.wordpress.com(not the wordpress.org).
so i can not  visit my this blog any more.  and this is why i don’t update my blog .
please forgive me looo 🙂

finally I bought a domain name and applied a nice free hosting from xmgfree.com.
then I made a move from here to that new ‘home’.
its ‘address’ is here: http://tobeso.plusinteresting.com/
enjoy your time looo 😀


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  1. ahem, so you can blog from your phone? Well it sure is quiet around here, and I know of at least 2 topics you could blog about!!nxo, Dorihttps://ameo.link/rebecabooker60165081745

    | Reply Posted 1 year, 11 months ago

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