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sharp eYes!

sharp eh!, originally uploaded by Santosh Korthiwada.
See the describation of this photo below you would understand that what happened to her:

This pretty girl is from a village close to Hyderabad. Like many other kids in that village her family is very poor and busy working hard for food. These kids manage to take care of themselves and their homes while their parents are away. Elder sisters/brothers take care of the younger ones.

What do you think about it ?


Enjoying with ACDSee pro ~!~

Today I finished my last 2rd exam of this term..veraciously I was in a poor way at this exam : (
I made some mistakes at the examination paper.. it would directly result in that I will lost many points and maybe isn’t passing !
Ok,Anyway, however I would encounter and prepare for next two exams over again..
Fighting for myself looo 🙂

Ok,Let’s talk about the ‘ACDsee Pro‘ looo 😀
en,, today’s chuffed thing is I got the ACDSee Pro !
Obviously it’s excited to me .
I tried it as soon as I got it.. and It gives me some strange and fresh feeling..Acdsee-icon
first of all,you can look at its icon,
it seems strange,isn’t it?
Why fresh?
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Paddling Girl ⌒_⌒

Puddling girl
Originally uploaded by ailime.

So pretty and natural she is!
I think that maybe she is a country girl 😀
She looks like my little sister..
she is just swarthier than my sister 🙂
hehe,it routs up some memories and funny snippets of childhood about my little sister…

I really like this portrait !

ACDSee Pro Photo Manager has arrived ⌒_⌒

ACDSee pro

.Yesterday I received an e-mail from ACDSee .
the mail’s tltle said that ACDSee Pro Photo Manager has arrived.
and It also said :”

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I’ll never be the shark you want me to be!

Shark Tale》is the last movie that I have seen in 2005..
As the memory to 2005,I make “shark tale” as a post for the last day of 2005!

I just made twice to finish 《Shark Tale》.
For the first time,I did finish half of this film on Christmas Day,
and I saw another half part on the last day of 2005..
Without doubt,
《Shark Tale》 is another wonderful movie which be produced by Dreamworks.

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What are they preparing for ?


Happy Holiday from goooogle 😀

At first,
I am unintentional to flack for Gooooogle..
As a Asian, I really don’t understand what happed to these days?
Is another holiday coming soon?
What are the cute Cat and Mouse doing?
and what is the relationship between it and Christmas Day?
Oho, I just want to know !

Who can answer me?

Blue makes us feel cheerful :)

Goes into Blue

Remark: the photo was from Gettyimages