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\\ Black-eyed Smile //


En,, this is me… I am a “mineworker”…
Yes, I am a real mekabcholy and roguish ‘mineworker’ 😦

Why mekabcholy and roguish?
I don’t know—I just got this feeling from this photo that I named “Mineworker” .

  • This photo was shot by my classmate’s Canon yesterday 🙂

What are they preparing for ?


Happy Holiday from goooogle 😀

At first,
I am unintentional to flack for Gooooogle..
As a Asian, I really don’t understand what happed to these days?
Is another holiday coming soon?
What are the cute Cat and Mouse doing?
and what is the relationship between it and Christmas Day?
Oho, I just want to know !

Who can answer me?

Have fun with Recyle Bin

Lately I sickened of WindowsRecyle Bin” Icon,so I changed it sportfully 🙂
Right click the Desktop of “Windows”->”Properties”->”Desktop”->Customize Desktop..”->”Desktop Items”,
Then you could see the default System Icons 😀
and you can change the Icon which you want to change by simply clicking the “Change Icon.” button..
I don’t want to change the other Icons, I just want to change “Recycle Bin” Icon,because it must be unorderly on my XP Desktop if I change all the Icons.
Hey Hey! lots of Icon Packages were found inside my computer 🙂
I used some Icons for changing “Recycle Bin” Icon,and below are the idiographic effects after changing it:
!. System default icons-
default icons
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