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sharp eYes!

sharp eh!, originally uploaded by Santosh Korthiwada.
See the describation of this photo below you would understand that what happened to her:

This pretty girl is from a village close to Hyderabad. Like many other kids in that village her family is very poor and busy working hard for food. These kids manage to take care of themselves and their homes while their parents are away. Elder sisters/brothers take care of the younger ones.

What do you think about it ?


Paddling Girl ⌒_⌒

Puddling girl
Originally uploaded by ailime.

So pretty and natural she is!
I think that maybe she is a country girl 😀
She looks like my little sister..
she is just swarthier than my sister 🙂
hehe,it routs up some memories and funny snippets of childhood about my little sister…

I really like this portrait !

Happpy Brithday Owen @!@

Today Dec. 14,2005 is Owen’s birthday ,
Oho,as one of Michael Owen’s fans, It’s a happy and excited day to me and so do others!
We are steadfast ,chirrupy,sad and jubilant —

For the sunshine boy Owen->
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Luciano Pavarotti in China

Italian opera legend Luciano Pavarotti dressed in traditional Chinese costume reacts during a news conferece in Beijing December 8, 2005. Luciano Pavarotti, 70, who announced to retire on his 70th birthday, came to China as part of a leg of his ‘Farewell Tour of Luciano Pavarotti’ (from chinadaily.com.cn).

The 70-year-old tenor Lusiano Pavarotti told reporters here Thursday that he would show his talent as “King of Hi-C” at the farewell concert in Beijing Capital Gymn- asium on Dec. 10.
The concert in Beijing, following the one in Shanghai ,will complete his Worldwide Farewell Celebration Tour in China.
Some 20 years ago, Pavarotti paid his first visit to China and offered Chinese audience with Bohemian for the first time.
Changes in China over the past years are incredible, said Pavarotti, but he received the same warm welcome by the Chinese audience this time in Shanghai.
In 2001, Pavarotti joined hands with other two top tenors Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras to stage a performance in the Forbidden City to support Beijing’s bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games ….(more are from English.people.com)

The man Pavarotti who dressed in traditional Chinese cosrume looks like an afterhours and “funny” Beijing Opera player 😀 .
Is his farewell concert in Beijing going to go well on Dec. 10,2005 ? I am sure and(or) wish that the answer would be affirmative!
And as a Chinese, it’s my pleasure to say “thanks!” to the healthy and beneficent old tenorist for his habit of doing charity,
the News said:”Pavarotti will auction a car presented to him by DF-NISSAN company to build a primary school for Chinese children in poor families.”

Best wishes to Pavarotti, the “Beijing Opera” player 😀

hey, what’s happening on the other side?

hey whats happening
hey whats happening on the other side.
, originally upload by shivanayak.

Some comments about this photo show below:
hearman says:
Pretty girl and a nice photo.

Aarthyr says:
I like this one, she looks concerned, while she points and tells her friend what is happening. I also like the fac that you can see the eye of the other girl,looking at her, as if she is listening very very closely. I wonder what was happening 🙂

Black Rooger Flint says:
aarthyr ,your description is also as dramatic as the shot! ?

I found this photo which shows two lovely girls inside the Flickr world accidentlly.
At first I am not attracted by them.
But then they brought some imaginations to me after I read over their(this photo’s)comments which were written by other visitors as I.

I am enjoying this photo now!

Thank Shivanayak & Aarthyr for wonderful photo and description 😛
Thank God!