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hi,my new ‘home’ here :)

hellooo, everyone who visits my this blog 🙂

it’s honoured by your visit.
but i am sorry for that i have not updated my this wordpress blog for a long time.yeah, it is really a long time.
in fact, i am not a sluggard. it’s not my fault and the real reason is our government(China) baned the IPs of *.wordpress.com(not the wordpress.org).
so i can not  visit my this blog any more.  and this is why i don’t update my blog .
please forgive me looo 🙂

finally I bought a domain name and applied a nice free hosting from xmgfree.com.
then I made a move from here to that new ‘home’.
its ‘address’ is here: http://tobeso.plusinteresting.com/
enjoy your time looo 😀


Why can’t I enjoy my life as them ?

The second Monday of January is Coming-of-Age Day (or named “Adult’s Day”) in Japan, a national holiday to encourage those who have newly entered adulthood to become self-reliant members of society. The holiday used to be on January 15, but in 2000 it was moved to the second Monday of the month.(from Chinadaily.com )

Celebration of the coming of age for boys and girls turning 20 that year. The coming of age symbolizes mainly the obtention of the right to buy cigarettes and alcohol legally. Ceremonies held at temples and shrines and girls wear special kimono for the occasion. (from jref.com)

2 girls bowing

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\\ Black-eyed Smile //


En,, this is me… I am a “mineworker”…
Yes, I am a real mekabcholy and roguish ‘mineworker’ 😦

Why mekabcholy and roguish?
I don’t know—I just got this feeling from this photo that I named “Mineworker” .

  • This photo was shot by my classmate’s Canon yesterday 🙂

Do you “Minority Report”?

the poster of minority report.


Yesterday I have seen the movie which I want to see but no time to do it yet all the times.
The movie named Minority Report–an old movie in 2002.
It was directed by Steven Spielberg,a famous director of Hollywood,
and Tom Cruis was a leading actor in this movie.
BTW,Tom is the one of my favorite movie star. Yo Yo!
Originally I would crowd around the computer which locates in front of a small bed,
and its monitor is blurry seems making someone consides himself whether he is myopic with my classmates for seeing the 《Minority Report》,
but I have no time to do it for some reasons that day.
–Actually I enjoy the feeling to crowd with my classmates,although it’s congested and sometimes there were some odoriferous socks in the bed 😦
So, I saw the movie alone.

Ok, let’s talk about 《Minotity Report》.
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a WordPress invite ..O!O..

smile and teary faceIt’s lucky that I have got a WordPress blog Invite today.
To tell the truth,it’s my pleasure to receive a invite from Wor!dpress:)
Is today really my lucky day ?
I don’t know.
Actually I were listless lately.
For some reasons, I were quite at sea in regard to the difficulty which I would encounter in the future.
Sometimes at midnight , I asked myself the question about that what I want to do and(or) what I want to gape after frequently.
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The DaVinci Code Will Be Decoded..

the DaVinci Code
The DaVinci Code, originally uploaded by Chris. Jack.

The DaVinci Code
A new movie was invested by Sony Pictures,
the suspense movie which based on the best seller will show on May 19th,2006 ..
(the book which was written by Dan.Brown,the author of numerous #1 bestsellers, including Digital Fortress, Angels & Demons, and Deception Point.
His acclaimed novel—The Da Vinci Code—has become one of the most widely read books of all time.)
Avoid prolixity, I wouldn’t say a word anymore about the moive’s gut.
for more detail about it ,you can type the word such as “DaVinci Code” in google homepage.

I except to see the moive greatly,although it will be showed next year..
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Hellooo wor!d !


Welcome to Jack and Vulture Hotel !

This is my first WordPress post.

start blogging and enjoy our time now : D