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What is the Doodle?

From Dec. 21 to Dec. 23 these days Google homepage shows the funny images as above.
and they said that happy holiday.. their link is http://www.google.com/doodle10.html ..
What is the Doodle?
As a Chinese, I really don’t know what these images mean?
Acctually, maybe it’s coincident that Dec. 22, 2005 is the Midwinter’s day in China..
Midwiter is the middle of the winter,
the mean is the period of the winter solstice,about December 22..
There is a festival on this day in China.
During Midwinter’s day, we usually eat the food that is coverd with  flour.
Especially that people in South of China eats the food named “Tangyuan”,
which is a flour pellet that is full of sweetener inside..
and the “Tangyuan” are shown below:


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Happpy Brithday Owen @!@

Today Dec. 14,2005 is Owen’s birthday ,
Oho,as one of Michael Owen’s fans, It’s a happy and excited day to me and so do others!
We are steadfast ,chirrupy,sad and jubilant —

For the sunshine boy Owen->
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Blue makes us feel cheerful :)

Goes into Blue

Remark: the photo was from Gettyimages

an excited World Cup without China

Toilsomely I did watch the Draw for World Cup 2006 final which took place at the Messe in Leipzig,Germany.
The draw began at 20:15(local time)( at 03:15 Beijing time). Do you konw what the “03:15” means ?
It’s Midnight! Everyone fell asleep deeply and what was I doing at that time ?
— I was watching the Draw Ceremony with my computer at that time! What a foolish and crazy guy!
It’s lucky that I got the right time to see the final draw for the stage of 32 teams 🙂
Although I hasn’t seen the excited acts before it.
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Luciano Pavarotti in China

Italian opera legend Luciano Pavarotti dressed in traditional Chinese costume reacts during a news conferece in Beijing December 8, 2005. Luciano Pavarotti, 70, who announced to retire on his 70th birthday, came to China as part of a leg of his ‘Farewell Tour of Luciano Pavarotti’ (from chinadaily.com.cn).

The 70-year-old tenor Lusiano Pavarotti told reporters here Thursday that he would show his talent as “King of Hi-C” at the farewell concert in Beijing Capital Gymn- asium on Dec. 10.
The concert in Beijing, following the one in Shanghai ,will complete his Worldwide Farewell Celebration Tour in China.
Some 20 years ago, Pavarotti paid his first visit to China and offered Chinese audience with Bohemian for the first time.
Changes in China over the past years are incredible, said Pavarotti, but he received the same warm welcome by the Chinese audience this time in Shanghai.
In 2001, Pavarotti joined hands with other two top tenors Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras to stage a performance in the Forbidden City to support Beijing’s bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games ….(more are from English.people.com)

The man Pavarotti who dressed in traditional Chinese cosrume looks like an afterhours and “funny” Beijing Opera player 😀 .
Is his farewell concert in Beijing going to go well on Dec. 10,2005 ? I am sure and(or) wish that the answer would be affirmative!
And as a Chinese, it’s my pleasure to say “thanks!” to the healthy and beneficent old tenorist for his habit of doing charity,
the News said:”Pavarotti will auction a car presented to him by DF-NISSAN company to build a primary school for Chinese children in poor families.”

Best wishes to Pavarotti, the “Beijing Opera” player 😀

Do you “Minority Report”?

the poster of minority report.


Yesterday I have seen the movie which I want to see but no time to do it yet all the times.
The movie named Minority Report–an old movie in 2002.
It was directed by Steven Spielberg,a famous director of Hollywood,
and Tom Cruis was a leading actor in this movie.
BTW,Tom is the one of my favorite movie star. Yo Yo!
Originally I would crowd around the computer which locates in front of a small bed,
and its monitor is blurry seems making someone consides himself whether he is myopic with my classmates for seeing the 《Minority Report》,
but I have no time to do it for some reasons that day.
–Actually I enjoy the feeling to crowd with my classmates,although it’s congested and sometimes there were some odoriferous socks in the bed 😦
So, I saw the movie alone.

Ok, let’s talk about 《Minotity Report》.
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Have fun with Recyle Bin

Lately I sickened of WindowsRecyle Bin” Icon,so I changed it sportfully 🙂
Right click the Desktop of “Windows”->”Properties”->”Desktop”->Customize Desktop..”->”Desktop Items”,
Then you could see the default System Icons 😀
and you can change the Icon which you want to change by simply clicking the “Change Icon.” button..
I don’t want to change the other Icons, I just want to change “Recycle Bin” Icon,because it must be unorderly on my XP Desktop if I change all the Icons.
Hey Hey! lots of Icon Packages were found inside my computer 🙂
I used some Icons for changing “Recycle Bin” Icon,and below are the idiographic effects after changing it:
!. System default icons-
default icons
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Natter about Harry Potter IV


I hadn’t go to class yesterday afternoon,I go to see a movie with my classmates:)
—We do it frequently 😀
Hehe,actually we are not rich enough to pay the tickets frequently,but it’s lucky that we have a classmate who gets lots of VIP cards of the Cinema we shall go to 😀
The guy who gets the VIP card is a funny,handsome boy and he called a pig by himself as me 😀
Ok,let’s talk about the movie what I saw!
This week the cinema show the movie named 《Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire》.
Obviously, many people look forward to the movie 《Harry Potter IV》.Espically the Children!
The feeling what I got after the movie finished was that it’s really a big and gooood dinner of vision!
I think that “Harry Potter 4” became mellower and it had more advencements.
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Just Another Wor!d AIDS Day


Today (01 Dec. 2005) is World AIDS Day,Lots of famous Websites such as Google,avert.org propagandized this day .

For example,you will see the logo of Red Ribbon of AIDS under the search field when you visit Google homepage.

and there are some words what the offical site worldaidsday.org says show below:

Wise up. Wear it. Where’s yours?
Welcome to World AIDS Day – the international day of action on HIV and AIDS which takes place every year on 1 December.

This year in the UK, World AIDS Day is about wearing the Red Ribbon, as a sign of support for people living with HIV and a symbol of hope for the future….

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Another No. 7 Has Gone

Football legend George Best died at the age of 59 after losing his long battle against alcoholism.

Football legend George Best, named by Pele as the best footballer, died on Friday afternoon after spending much time of all his 59 years combating with alcohol problem.
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